Week One!

Hey y'all! 

Let me just start this by saying thanks for all the prayers, support, and interest in my adventures this summer. 

So I'm currently at the end of my sixth day in Kissimmee, Florida. We're staying at a camp that has two separate housing buildings and thankfully, we were all fortunate enough to have our own cute little room. The entire team is great! It's a cliche, but I already feel like I will be friends with some of these people for years to come. This week we've been in orientation. It's ironic that my first post on here is titled "Flexibility" because if there has been a theme to orientation; it's been: be flexible.  I feel like my mission in Orlando from God is to love on all the people here I come in contact with.

This summer I will be performing at a McDonald's and a place called Fun Spot on Friday's and Saturday's. We are singing and dancing to fun songs like "I'm Walking on Sunshine" and "Locomotion" and a fun song I'd never heard called "V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N." Also, I won a ticket to a Disney water park so that's pretty exciting! I'm super excited for this summer! Thanks again for the interest! I appreciate any prayers from y'all!


Love, Jackie!


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