Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours

Week 4 Update
The main thing that Jesus has been doing this week has been internal and not external. At the beginning of this summer, I prayed for Jesus to make my heart compassionate once again. Having a compassionate, bleeding heart is a double edged sword and a hard cross to bear. While I am blessed with the ability to love and care deeply for people who are hurting, my heart breaks for situations that I have no control over. It's emotionally exhausting. So instead of using that gift, I chose to cut my emotions off, be selfish, and become cynical and judgmental. I didn't even realize that God had my changed heart until last night when several of my team members kept commenting on my sweet spirit and how much I cared. I know that this change was not from me! God has blessed me with the ability to love deeply and he wants me to care for and comfort his children. I apologize if this isn't exciting because the bulk has been about me and not my ministry, but God has to change my heart before he can use me to change the hearts of the broken. So here's to emotional vulnerability and casting all my cares and the ones of others that Christ has burdened me with on him who cares for me.

Now, to the external ministry in Orlando. Let me say it again, I was blessed with an amazing team. The girls I'm serving with have blessed me and challenged me to grow in ways they will never understand. I love the fact that I have 15 new sisters.  Kids club have been going great. My partner and I never have many kids but we have had great quality in spite of the small quantity. Last Thursday, I met a 9-year-old boy from England who studied the Bible in school. He thought our story of Jesus calming the storm was really cool! However, when we began telling him how God created him and the universe, he promptly told no that's not how it happened. I don't think I've ever experienced such stout atheism from a child. It broke my heart. I don't understand how you can be in Orlando, Florida with lush green grass and palm trees even in the middle of town and doubt the existence of a greater power. That is definitely an important prayer request. We gave the boy a Bible and highlighted a few verses in John and Romans so hopefully, my partner and I have planted a seed in this boys life that will grow to fruition later in life. 

Creative Arts Team: Things with the creative arts team have been wonderful! I love getting the opportunity to share Christ's love with nonbelievers as well as encouraging fellow disciples of Christ. I never realized how much of an impact I could have on fellow Christians. God is already using me in ways I never expected. 

Prayer Requests: Pray for the boy from England that God will place someone in his life to further point him to Christ. Pray for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of myself and the rest of the team. Pray for divine appointments with all that we do. 

Thank you for your interest and concern! I love y'all! 

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