Week 5 Update

Week 5
I cannot believe I am already writing my week 5 update! This marks the halfway point of the summer for me. I love the work I am doing here. I feel like I am growing and learning so much while I am here. I love getting to hang out with kids in a pool three days a week. It amazes me how trusting and loving these kids are! You would not believe the global impact being in Orlando has unless you came here and did ministry yourself. I personally have talked to people from at least 5 different countries and several different states. The team has as a whole has talked to people from over 25 different countries! And we are only half way through the summer. The Creative Arts team performances are getting better each week. It amazes me what an impact it has as well. People actually stop and pay attention and talk to us afterward. Last week I have helped with VBS at FBC Taft, the church I am serving at on Sunday's and Wednesday's this summer. It was been such a joy to take part in that! Kids are so funny and cute! On a side note, for VBS, my team and I were required to wear togas. When I got my assignment of Orlando, Florida, I never dreamed I'd be wearing a toga to church. They weren't kidding when they said, "be flexible." Then, this past Monday, the very loving and godly pastor of FBC Taft took the five of us serving at his church to Animal Kingdom! It was a wonderful experience for all of us. 

We are at the point of the summer where we all know each other very well and have become like a family. This can sometimes be a double-edged sword. It can be very helpful for ministry because we have this great love for each other and know people's strength's and weaknesses very well. It can also be a hindrance because like any normal family, we get irritated, fuss, fight, and occasionally lose focus of the reason we are here: to glorify God. Sometimes it is hard, however, I am convinced there is a reason I ended up here in such a roundabout way. Such things are never a coincidence.

Prayer requests: please pray for the team so that we can continue to be unified and loving even when things get tense, pray for the health of the team, and pray for our paths to cross with people who need to hear as well as boldness for us to proclaim Christ's love and Gospel!

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