Why I, an MSU student, root for Ole Miss

Davis Wade Stadium, Fall 2015
Davis Wade Stadium, Fall 2015

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Yesterday was a good day for Mississippi. MSU beat Texas A&M and Ole Miss beat Alabama. Both teams are undefeated. I won't insult your intelligence and pretend I know about sports but I know that this was a pretty big win for both teams.

Unlike some of my classmates, yesterday I was ecstatic when both teams won and not because I'm a closet Rebel.


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I am born and raised in Mississippi. I love my home state. I want it to succeed and be seen in a good light. There are so many bad stereotypes about Mississippi- some true, some not. I promise you- we wear shoes and don't marry our cousins. I won't go into the bad stuff because, well, there's been enough of that and I am choosing to focus on the positive.

But you know what we do have in Mississippi?

Great writers for one. William Faulkner. Eudora Welty. John Grisham. Tennessee Williams.

Even better musicians. Jimmy Rodgers, the father of country music. Elvis, a man so successful he can be identified by only a first name. BB King. Hayley Williams. Faith Hill. Charley pride. Leann Rimes

And of course can't forget about the entertainment greats: Jim Henson, Oprah and Morgan Freeman.

Obviously, I have a lot of pride for Mississippi and could go on and on. I want my beloved home state to do well and be viewed well. So you know what else we have? Sports. Football. Baseball. Basketball. none of the foreign Yankee soccer, though.

When Ole Miss plays any team besides MSU, I want them to win. I know many would consider what I'm saying to be blasphemous. Maybe they are our rivals. But rivalry should be a good, healthy thing. It's like fighting with my sister- I am the only person who can talk to her that way. I am protective of Ole Miss the same way. I don't want people from out of state trash talking it. I don't want it to lose to another team. In my book, a win for Ole Miss is a win for Mississippi. And let's be honest, we can always use that.

Furthermore, I'm an SEC girl. So even though I wanted Ole Miss to beat Alabama today, if Alabama plays someone from the Big 10 conference, I will root for Alabama.

I know I'm an idealist so I understand if you can't wrap your head around the crazy idea of cheering for the Rebs til Thanksgiving week. I get it. I'm also a passionate person and have many issues I wouldn't go halfway on. If you agree with me and are happy for both teams, go ahead and click share. If you disagree, feel free to leave a strongly worded comment about how/why I'm wrong.

But for today I'm happy saying, Hail State and Hotty Toddy!

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