Love Letter to My Emotional Side from My Logical Side

Dear Emotional Side,

          First things first, you are not expected to have everything together by age 23 or 24 or 25. You don’t even have to have everything together by 37 or 48. Quit telling yourself that lie. Quit believing that lie. As far as I’m concerned you don’t have to have everything together by age 78. What matters more is whether you are following Jesus and have joy in your heart. Jesus and joy are way more important things to chase after than living the life 18-year-old us imagined. She had no clue what was coming or how good it would be.

          By now you’ve noticed that there is no sugar coating or word softening going on here. That’s because that’s your job, Emotion, not mine. Sometimes it’s ok to let me take over. You do not have to justify every phrase you say. Also, quit apologizing so much. You’re intelligent with a generous helping of common sense- own it and have a backbone. Stand behind your ideas and your intelligence.

          Stop feeling unloved based on the texts you receive, Instagram likes and blog views. Numbers will never define the love you receive. That’s the thing about love, my dear, it’s qualitative and can’t be quantified. Stop letting the fact that you aren’t married or in a serious relationship make you feel alone. Yes, having one person committed to being there sounds wonderful, and we will enjoy it when it comes, Emotion; but for now revel in all the other places you have love. Revel in parents who support and encourage you, in sisters who get you in a way no friend or significant other ever will, in lifelong friendships and in new friendships, in finding a new church family, in the sweet girls you teach at church and in the coworkers who see you on a daily basis and still greet you with a smile every day. Appreciate the abundance of love surrounding you right now because it’s great. Stop letting the lack of a specific kind of love taint all the other love surrounding you right now.

          Don’t let a boy not texting you or asking you on a date or anything like that put a damper on your mood. In fact as far as I, Logic, am concerned just quit talking to and thinking about boys in general. Life would be much easier if you stopped caring about this particular issue but I suspect, I’m not going to win this one so, whatever. Just listen to me a little more when a guy is in the picture, ok? Sometimes it’s like you put on noise canceling headphones and then gag me when a boy is in our head. It’s not wise. I’ve got some good stuff to contribute if you’ll just let me.

          Last, hear this. You are strong and capable and tenacious. Thank you for being a fighter, Emotion. Keep fighting. We can make it through 23. Between the two of us, I think we are going to make it.




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