Winter Lessons


A few things I learned this winter...

  1. Trader Joes frozen food section is as great as I had heard. Be still my beating heart, frozen cheese enchiladas that are ready in 15 minutes. Insert heart eyes emoji.

  2. You can freeze twice baked potatoes halfway through and basically make your own yummy-ready-in-15-minutes frozen meals.

  3. I’m kind of high strung. Well I guess I always knew this, but I’m just starting to fully understand it. It’s one of those things I knew in theory but I didn’t realize the full extent of it til recently. Actually realized it by going on a few dates with a guy who is probably fine deciding what he’s doing that day the day of. It was a good challenge for me to relax and cede a little control. I’m not sure if being high strung is one of those thing I can or need to change or if it’s just part of my personality.

  4. How to trust Jesus. It’s kind of embarrassing how long I’ve been a Christian compared to how long it took me to learn this lesson but I am so grateful to be learning it. Saying “Your will be done” and meaning it is incredibly powerful.

  5. In Australia, Rice Krispies are called Rice Bubbles… What… This is so weird. Hey Kellogg’s, why the need for the name change?

  6. I really like videoing myself for Instagram Stories. It's kind of fun to narrate my day. I feel pretty conceited when I do it though so I don’t know if I’ll keep doing it.

  7. I couldn’t be a hermit. I always joked about it growing up and still kind of dreamed about it. UNTIL. The roads were iced over in Birmingham, and I was stuck in my apartment by myself for 2-3 days. It took that little time for me to get cabin fever. That's crazy! I'm an introvert.

  8. The city of hamburg has more canals than Venice, Italy! Learned this during the Global Impact Celebration at my church. I help with 4th grade girls on Wednesday nights so I get the kid version of lessons and learn fun things like that.

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